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Under the sink…



Cool things

Here are some cool things you can do,

Go to a sumo fight

Enter a sumo fight

Meet president Obama.

Here are some cool things it would be nice to do.

Murder Osama Bin Laden

Kill a marcian

Skateboard on top of the moon.

Those are some pretty cool things.



Most people have no idea what a Kiroglystier ( pronounced, keer-o-gly-ster.) is. You have probably heard of a mongoose getting a flistobalitical reaction to a timidunilystrial flyticanpendicular tickmysento. Thats pretty much it. Except this is with a hiroticominblystrial ticminfliertyolical to create a intomylestrial bynosiprical.

Here is a picture:

A kiroglystier

What giraffes don’t eat

I can name 50 things giraffes don’t eat.

1. Marshmallows

2. Gum

3. Baseball Bats

4. Paper

5. Choclate

6. Legos

7. Pizza

8. Wood

9. Underpants

10. Plastic

11. Yarn

12. Wires

13. Moustraps

14. Basketballs

15. Nerf Gun bullet

16. Real bullet

17. Towel

18. Beach Ball

19. Swimming Trunks

20. Ipod

21. Ballon

22. Screws

23. Clock

24. Eyeball

25. Magnifing Glass

26. Toothbrush

27. Paper Clip

28. Scissors

29. Velcro

30. Cell Phone

31. DVD

32. Mac book pro

33. Cardboard

34. Toothpick

35. Paint Brush

36. Cheese

37.Light bulb

38. Glass

39. Rock

40. Steel

41. Ruler

42. Plaster

43. Mold

44. Glue

45. Bagback

46. Eraser

47. Push Pin

48. Staple

49. Lucky Charms

50. People

Any more?

Plants VS zombies (walkthrough starting at 1-5 to 1-8)

We all know plants vs zombies and if you don’t you’re a real idiot. But, have you won all mini games, survivals, puzzles, and levels. This walkthrough will give you strategies on the beginning levels that you can take into more complicated levels with more elaborate lawn defences. Have fun!

1-5: For wall-nut bowling its better if you wait for the last second on normal zombies and for pole vaulting zombies you use an explode-o-nut to the zombie on his side. For newspaper zombies use an explode-o-nut so he doesn’t get faster.(I think newspaper zombies are in the mini game but just in case I’ll leave it here.) If you have been waiting till the last second on normal zombies you should have enough wall-nuts to destroy bucket heads and cone heads. This level is so easy you shouldn’t need help but in the mini game you might.

1-6: For this level you have two lines of sunflowers but not in the very back. You put them one lane in front of the back lane. Make sure before  you put any peashooters you finish the first line of sunflowers. How do you do this without being eaten you ask. The answer is simple. Potato Mines!! After the first line of sunflowers you put your peashooter line in the back. But, How do I stop the FREAKING pole vaulter zombies!? You use wall-nuts. They jump then die by a potato mine.(or peashooter if you have one.) After that you must make your second row of sunflowers then make a line of wall-nuts. Your ending defence should be this:

P=peashooter    S=sunflower    W= wall nut  Pm=Potato mine

PSSPmW (in all lanes)

1-7: Pretty much the same concept except you use the new snow pea. This time you only need one row of sunflowers because you will have a more powerful defence so you need to start it fast. You still make the sunflowers first then the peashooters in the back and the snow peas up front. Then a line of peashooters. Now you do your wall-nut/potato mine combo in front of that. Your ending defence should be this:

P=peashooter    S=sunflower    Sp=snow pea   W= wall-nut    Pm=potato mine

PSSpPPmW (in all lanes)

1-8: For this level you choose plants. You will be tempted to use your chomper. DO NOT!!! Make your sunflower lane first but you will make two lanes once again. Make your first lane of sunflowers in the back lane this time. Then put your first line of peashooters in the third lane so later you can put your sunflowers. Make a line of snow peas in front of the peashooters. Now you make your next lane of sunflowers. This next part is important. DIG your back lane of sunflowers and replace them with peashooters. Now make your wall-nut/potato mine combo once again. Your ending defence should be this:


Tip: On the final wave use a cherry bomb in the middle to help finish it faster.

put a comment for levels you can’t beat ( also survival.)


Three friends checked into a hotel paying 10 dollars each. thats 3o dollars. they went to there room. suddenly the cashier remembered that three people get a discount for 5 dollars. the cashier gave 5 dollars to the bellhop and told him to send it to them. There was no way to divide 5 into 3 so he took two dollars for himself and gave each person 1 dollar. So now they have paid 27 dollars for thier room. But wait but they paid twenty seven and the bellhop has 2 so that’s twenty nine where is the missing dollar?

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